CM Research is an ambitious Market Research agency that aims to do things better.

We are experts in consumer and veterinary market research, where we help our clients in new product development, segmentation, modelling, ad testing and brand health tracking.

Innovation in research is at the heart of what we do: that means constantly challenging ourselves to do things differently and better. Our expertise ranges from cutting edge research techniques that use the best of what online has to offer, like new and exciting questionnaires, online forums and our own online panels, to advanced stats like our TargetTest (for modelling and scenarios testing) or our validated PSMPriceBuilder.

We offer the veterinary panel with the widest coverage in Europe. Over 20,000 veterinary professionals are members in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.