Vets consider ‘Hill’s y/d’, ‘Cardalis’ and ‘Seresto Collar’ the Best New veterinary products of 2012

Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in articles | No Comments

Few new products go through as complex and lengthy development processes as those recommended and prescribed by vets. Some of them are improved formats, more convenient options or ingenious solutions, others are truly ground-breaking innovations.

Vets dedicate a lot of time and energy to keep abreast of new product developments, so that they are able to to confidently recommend the best. Their peers' opinion is always helpful and often more trusted than the glossy launch brochures and presentations by manufacturers.

For manufacturers, a new product launch is an exciting and nerve-racking period. Will the investment be worthwhile? Will this new launch set them apart from the competition?

To help vets clearly see what other vets perceive as the best new product of 2012 …

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