Best new veterinary product of 2012

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A survey by CM Research revealed that vets consider ‘Hill’s y/d’, ‘Cardalis’ and ‘Seresto Collar’ the Best New veterinary products of 2012.

‘Hill’s y/d ‘ – an iodine restrictive hyperthyroid management food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition – won by an overwhelming lead (31% of vets). Over three times as many vets suggested it over the second most popular product ‘Cardalis’.

‘Cardalis’ by CEVA – a tablet combining an ACE inhibitor and spironolactone for heart failure in dogs – achieved 9.6% of all mentions.

Bayer’s ‘Seresto’ – a collar offering 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks – came third with  6% of vets writing it down.

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