Vet profession in the UK more cosmopolitan than in the rest of Europe

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in articles | No Comments

According to a recent survey with over 2,500 European vets, UK is the country with the highest proportion of vets qualified overseas. 19% of vets practising in the UK have studied abroad and come from a variety of countries. This group is considerably higher than Germany, for example, where only 3% of vets hold foreign degrees.

Language and traditional connections between the countries play a major role in the employment migration of vets. The largest group of overseas vets working in the UK comes from the Republic of Ireland (3%), followed by Common World countries like South Africa (2.3%), Australia & New Zealand (2%). 4% come from the recession hit Southern part of Europe -Italy, Spain and Portugal.

While France and the Netherlands also have large groups of vets…

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