The RCVS and its disciplinary committee could do better

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in articles | No Comments

A few weeks back DEFRA launched a consultation on proposals that would allow the Royal College to reconstitute its disciplinary committees independently of its council. The BVA has welcomed the proposal indicating that the disciplinary function of the RCVS could be improved.  Expressing that there is a need for improvement suggests that current performance is not adequate. However, these were the views of the BVA but not necessarily those of the majority of veterinary surgeons.

This presented us with the opportunity to put the question to the veterinary community. In February this year CM Research, through Vetspanel, asked a sample of 320 veterinary surgeons their opinions on a number of issues. One of them was the performance of the disciplinary functions of the RCVS. The results clearly indicated that …

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