In-depth interviews are one of the main qualitative data collection techniques which, involves direct one-to-one engagement with individual participants. In-depth interviews provide a unique opportunity to deeply understand and capture comprehensive data about people's thoughts, viewpoints and behaviours. Through this method, many insightful and innovative findings are revealed becoming, new avenues to further explore.

There are numerous benefits to conducting in-depth interviews, for example:

  • They can be used alongside other research methods.
  • They are semi-structured, allowing flexibility to explore additional points and change direction if necessary.
  • The use of open-ended and semi-structured questions are permitted.
  • Able to prompt the participant and ask follow-up questions to obtain a deeper perspective and fully understand the meaning behind responses.
  • Innovative ideas and suggestions are put forward by the participant.
  • Direct interaction with the participant allows rapport to be established.
  • Participant has a unique opportunity to share their life experiences and discuss their opinions.

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