We design bespoke qualitative projects to meet your needs and get the insights you are looking for either by running focus groups or in-depth interviews, or by combining both. Our individual approach is focused on generating a strategy that will help you explore the understanding of a concept, challenge or topic from the point of view of experienced veterinary professionals, whether to aid your business decisions or support the development of your quantitative research study. Our dedicated qualitative research team is here to take care of it all – from designing discussion guides, recruiting participants and organising the venues to transcribing and writing detailed reports.

Using our knowledge of the sector and recruitment capabilities, we run qualitative research alongside veterinary congresses across Europe lead by our in house team of moderators and our network of experienced and motivated freelance moderators.

Some of the recent examples of our qualitative work covered events in France, Italy, Germany and UK. We also offer syndicated focus groups – a more cost-effective way of conducting qualitative research.

Since 2013, we have conducted focus groups alongside several congresses:

  • BSAVA, Birmingham
  • BEVA, Manchester
  • LVS, London
  • SCIVAC, Rimini
  • France Vet Show, Paris
  • BPT Congress, Mannheim
  • Leipzig Vet Congress, Leipzig
  • NAVC, United States

Some of the recent topics included:

Diagnostic procedures, pet nutrition, various therapy approaches,new product development and concept testing.

Why Qualitative work alongside congresses?

  • Running focus groups paralell to congresses is an efficient way of conducting qualitative research with vets
  • The vets are already gathered at one location, minimising travel cost and enabling wider geographical catchment than traditional focus groups
  • Senior management / clients are at the same location and can observe the groups

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