Owners / partners banking on future improvement

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in articles | No Comments

It was recently reported that the profit margins of the UK's top 500 practices had fallen to just 6.4% of sales, although the fall was not homogeneous as some practices actually saw increases. But what about vet earnings themselves?

Since 2010 CM Research has been tracking vets' earnings and their levels of job satisfaction and stress.  In 2010 the average a vet earned was £41,767. This has since increased to £45,530 in 2012 and then to £46,221 earlier this year. That's about a 4% increase each year. As expected, owners/partners took home significantly more than employed vets: £62,563 vs. £39,377. Considering the overall economy and also the grim reports regarding the leading practices profit margins it's really quite surprising to see …

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