Cost of living report: the impact of the cost of living crisis on veterinarians & pet owners.
 Part 1

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We are pleased to release the first instalment of our cost-of-living tracker. A free version of the report, covering the UK, France, Spain and the US can be downloaded below.

In it you will learn about:

  • The personal impact of the CoL crisis on veterinarians and pet owners
  • How veterinarians are changing their working lives to manage the impact
  • How price changes are impacting on clinic operations
  • What veterinarians are noticing in pet owner behaviour

An enhanced version of the report is available to purchase from £2000 depending on your needs.

This extended report covers more countries (including Germany, Italy and Japan) and the pet owner view. Additionally, there is detail on:

  • The supplier response to the CoL crisis – what do clinics need from their suppliers
  • The impact on the number and type of prescriptions and recommendations veterinarians are giving
  • How pet owners are changing how they look after their pets in the light of financial pressures

To purchase the full report or subscribe to future waves please contact Carlos at