Use of social media for promotion of practices

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The survey conducted with our panellists in 10 European countries (and USA) revealed some interesting information about the use of social media by veterinary practices: Two thirds of British practices use social media to promote themselves to potential clients. Client’s word of mouth / referral, having a practice website and using social media such as ...

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Italian vets the least satisfied with their jobs

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According to our recent survey conducted in 10 European  countries, Italian vets are the least satisfied with their jobs and think about leaving the profession the most often from the nations studied. 24% of vets in Italy are dissatisfied with their job to a significant degree. 43% often think about leaving the profession in order ...

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Best new veterinary product of 2012

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A survey by CM Research revealed that vets consider ‘Hill’s y/d’, ‘Cardalis’ and ‘Seresto Collar’ the Best New veterinary products of 2012. Hill’s Y/D an iodine restrictive hyperthyroid management food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition – won by an overwhelming lead (31% of vets).

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