Since 2013 CM Research has conducted an annual Pan  European survey study across 11 European countries, with the invaluable collaboration of more  than 2.500 respondents between practicing vets and vet nurses.
The countries included in this study are: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy,Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Belgium. In recent years we have also included the United States, Australia and Latin America.



The Pan European Survey report measures the level of satisfaction among vets and vet nurses in relation to their work, best practices in relation to main treatments and the use of some medications. We Study also includes the veterinary practice and/or  clinics usage of  social media and apps, their perspectives and attitudes towards the future, planned CPD (Continuous Professional Development), and work-life balance.

Reports are shared with all the respondents and  special report  is made available to major veterinary publications in Europe.

To have access to our survey results, click HERE.