Vetspanel is a community of vets and vet nurses where veterinary professionals are rewarded for sharing their opinions on a variety of issues.

Vetspanel has international coverage with over 20,000 members in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic,Russia, South Africa, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

Vetspanel is continuously expanding with new veterinary professionals signing up every day. Now we are also expanding the panel to equine and farm vets!

  • Solid recruitment methods

The members of Vetspanel have been directly recruited by phone, through our website or in person. New members are only accepted after we have verified their qualification.

Our detailed profiling information allow us to efficiently reach low incidence groups. The vets are screened according to different criteria: Years in practice, region, age, speciality, position in practice, size of practice, animals treated.

  • High response rates 

We know accurate panel management and interesting questionnaires are imperative to high response rates in online research; it is why we constantly strive for the right balance in the number of studies a panel member is invited to, as well as variation in the nature of the studies offered. Consequently, we have managed to reach a response rate of up to 50% on average with our studies.

  • High completion rates

To get participants to finish their tasks and complete the questionnaires is an extremely important issue in any research study. This is why we pay ample attention to making our surveys fun, engaging and interesting for our members. It is the combination of innovative methods and attractive designs which are low on loading time and involve uncomplicated tasks and questions that enable us to achieve an unrivalled completion rate of over 90% on average.

We are so confident on the quality of our panelists that we are the only agency that incentivises them immediately after they have completed the survey.

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