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VMA Awards 2014
Congratulations to Boehringer Ingelheim for Pexion - best product of 2013!
BSAVA 2014 Prize Draw!
Congratulations to Adam - the winner of a brand new iPad!
Product of the Year 2013 - THE RESULTS
A new exciting research opportunity!
CM Research is launching its first pan-European Omnibus study across the main 5 European countries. Get to know what vets think about your key issues in the most cost-effective way. Find out more...
The Vet Survey 2013 results are in!
Vets in which country...are the most stressed? ...are the most satisfied with their job? ...earn the least? You can find out the answers to these and more questions by viewing the results of our latest survey conducted with vets in 11 countries.
NEW: 2013 Syndicated Sales Rep Benchmark Survey
Results report available to download now
Challenges in Veterinary Practices
A staggering 62% of vets say that the biggest challenge they faced has been the financial situation of their clients and practices.
Compulsory Microchipping Opinions
Although most vets agree that it is a good idea, there are some concerns over its enforcement. Check out our article page.
VMA Awards 2013
Congratulations to Equest & Equest Pramox Print Ad - Pfizer; Agency Nitrogen for winning the Consumer Media Advertising Award at the VMA Awards 2013.
Best New Veterinary Product of 2012
A recent Survey by CM Research revealed that vets consider ‘Hill’s y/d’, ‘Cardalis’ and ‘Seresto Collar’ the Best New veterinary products of 2012
Who we are

CM Research is a young and ambitious agency that aims to do things better.

We are experts in consumer and veterinary market research, where we help our clients in new product development, segmentation, modelling, ad testing and brand hea...

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What we do

Specialising in veterinary market research, since 2010 we have run hundreds of surveys and interviewed more than 100,000 vets and pet owners across most countries in Europe. From fielding surveys amongst our panellists to complex advanced stat...

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Our experience

Although young, CM Research has a wealth of experience.

From sample-only to complex multivariate analysis, since 2009 we’ve helped our clients in:

  • Brand health tracking
  • New product development
  • Driver ...
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Our team

Our team has a combined experience of 50+ years in the Market Research industry, all with their unique skills and experience which makes CM Research as successful as it is.


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Our vets panel

Vetspanel is the first exclusive community of vets and vet nurses where veterinary professionals are rewarded for sharing their opinions on a variety of issues. Vetspanel is a members-only panel where membership is by invitation only. Currently...

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Our pets panel

Petspanel is a 22,000-strong group of pet owners across Europe who share their opinions on a variety of small animal issues.

When members take part in our surveys they get to participate in a range of attractive prize draws. Members can ...

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